Remembering in Jakarta

by Christina, Corinne and Tina, Volunteers, IHF Jakarta

We still remember the first day when we arrived at the IHF Jakarta Center, a gorgeous afternoon and a mysterious Center. On the first week, Ade showed us our room and we were glad that we, three girls, were arranged together. Then, 20140606_124604 (1)he showed us around the Center and it was just like a maze to us. He is a nice and warm-hearted guy and that left us a good first impression. In the evening, the two American girls took us to the snack street and recommended several delicious food options to us, and they are really yummy!! Later, we met the two Co-Directors, Timea and Helene, we were very surprised, since they are both so young and pretty!!!

On the next day, we celebrated Ica’s birthday and she received a beautiful rainbow cake and many presents! She is 6 years old now and she was quite happy on her birthday! Her mother Ibu cooks for us every day and she is a brilliant cook! She is so nice that one day I asked if there was any chili left and she made a dish for us immediately!


On another day, we three made a poster for the coming final exams and the ‘Pass it On’ ceremony. We came up with many ideas and discussed them together. Finally, we drew on a large paper and we were extremely happy that everybody liked it!


After a few days, we had an art class and taught the students origami, how to fold a lily flower. It was a bit complicated, but every kid had a masterpiece at the end. Everyone was delighted. Rahma even folded a tulip by herself and she taught me!! In the evening, there was a recruitment activity. Ayu took us around the neighborhood to distribute flyers and put up posters in order to have more children come to our IHF Center to obtain knowledge.


We also met another new friend named Mili. Actually, we all didn’t like cats before, until we met her. She is just so cute, but naughty. She plays with people or finds something to play by herself. It is interesting to observe her. But she always seems hungry and looks for food, and sometimes goes soooo crazy!


The Center is more like a home to us. We love this place so much and really look forward to the next days!


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