My Days at the IHF Bali Center

by Vivi, Voluntourist, IHF Bali

I think it’s really lucky that my brother is studying at UNNC, because I had the chance to know about IHF from him! I was planning to have a vacation and, also, I wanted to do something more meaningful, so I thought, maybe IHF was perfect for me. And there you go, I came to Bali and I’m Vivi from China.

I arrived in Denpasar on June 29th, and it was my first time in Bali, but when I met Nancy and Ag​us, who went to pick me up at the airport, I felt familiar and close! And when I arrived at the Yayasa​n —the Bali Center, I knew that I’ve just joined a family!

It’s really beautiful here, the classrooms,the kitchen,the dinning room, the pool, the sea, everything seems perfect to me! Oh, and Hanna, Gregor and their lovely son Damian are really kind!

image (12)image (6)image (10)

June 30 was my first day to be a voluntourist, and it was also the last day for other voluntourists before they left, and four other girls came at midnight. In fact, I was really nervous, for it was the first time to be a “teacher”, I was not very confident that I could do it well, but you know, when you see the lovely students, you’ll soon forget the nervous​ness​.

image (9)

As you know, happy times always fly, and now I ‘be been a teacher for a week; I’ve taught ​or shadowed the classes: SD1, SD2, SD4, SD5, Junior and Senior, and I’ve made friends with the children! They’re really amazing, they laugh all the time. It seems that there are no unhappy things in their lives (even though they may not have a lot), and they make you laugh all the time, they make you forget all the unhappy thing​s in your life!

image (11)

I love ​it ​here! I ‘ll stay here for another week, but ​I have already begun to ​loathe the thought of leav​ing​: the beautiful scenery here, the good weather; and, mainly, it really upsets me the fact that I will have to part from the children.

The experience of being a voluntourist here is really unforgettable, and I think, I’ll take another chance at being a voluntourist in IHF ​once again, for sure!

image (7)

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