Getting used to ‘Kenya Time’

by Stone, Voluntourist, IHF Nakuru

Thanks to ‘Kenya time’, everything slows down. Maybe due to the lack of fixed time, fixed price and even traffic lights. People do things in no hurry. They even start to prepare for supper from the morning and do it all day.

But I gradually got used to the “Kenyan style”, including the food, the accent (-.-) and the always-crowded-by-kids room. Most of the time when we are in our room, there are always curious children, who come and see what we are busying with…so I decided to start a paper-folding workshop, which can be another thing that drives me mad (just kidding). But the kids are really nice and we know that they come to us because they want to stay with us. They draw me (with strange hairstyle and it doesn’t look like me, though), learn Chinese from us (they also try to teach us Swahili) and offer to help with the room cleaning (although they used up half of Alice’s laundry detergent…). Everything is full of fun while staying with them. When Manuel said he will miss us when we go away, I really wished I could stay longer.

IMG_2756IMG_2833 (2)IMG_2844


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