The Warmer Side of Medan

by Ian, Voluntourist, IHF Medan

Medan is a beautiful city, though it’s my first time visiting here, I have felt the incredible hospitality of its citizens. Hot as the weather, people here treat foreigners with great warmth. It is more than easy to start a conversation with a stranger, even though they might not be very good in English. The natural beauties around the city are spectacular. With the help of the co-Directors at the Center, we have made it to two of the most famous touristic sites near Medan: Bukit Lawang and Lake Toba.

Our Bukit Lawang experience has been one of the most precious among many. I have enjoyed the rainforest like never before. Swinging in a pond and bathing in a waterfall is the wildest thing I have ever done. I just came back from Lake Toba, where the water is so clean that you can clearly see things through it. The weather there is cool, especially in the mountain area. The people in the island are very religious and there are chapels everywhere. The valleys are fresh and green. Streams follow everywhere. You’d never find a place so pure like this.


Though the Medan Center is not so well equipped, it is still cozy. The children at the Center are very cute and the cats are dedicated to keep the place clean. The kids are very eager to learn, though I found it a little bit difficult to communicate with them since their English level is still improving. At the beginning, teaching them English wasn’t so easy, as it is my first time as a teacher. But the more I experience, the better I can do.


My experience in the Medan Center this first week has been great and I believe there is more to come!


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