An unforgettable experience in Bali

by Sweetie, Voluntourist, IHF Bali

Look, this is our accommodation. Even though it seems very small, it can hold five people. The sunlight is very beautiful, which makes our accommodation seem brighter. I love this feeling.


IHF is in Buitan, Bali, which is near the sea. When we go outside, we can feel the cool wind. What’s more, we can hear the sea every night. I feel very satisfied.


Everyday, I teach many lovely students. Although they are naughty sometimes, I love them all the time. I remember they love stickers very much, if we want to arouse the students’ interest, we can use stickers to get their attention. So funny!


Also, we quizzed the students to test their knowledge. If a student can get an A+, she/he will cheer and jump very high! When I see this, I am so touched!

These are our classrooms, we teach the students there. And every day, we use the Internet there too. Sometimes, there are up to five people using the computer there!

IMG_9752 IMG_9795

On Saturday, we played games with the children. We were all very happy. Naike can play football very well, and when she plays, she is very charming. The faces on the children increased my feelings. I love IHF!

IMG_9576 IMG_9573

One day, we went to Kintamani Volcano, we wanted to see the sunrise. It took us nearly two hours to get to the top of the mountain. We felt so tired. But when we saw the sunrise, we were shocked! It was very beautiful! We have never seen that before! Although climbing the mountain made many of us suffer, it is worth the experience. I think this must be the most unforgettable travel for us.



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