A new day, a new opportunity in Nakuru

by Mary S.W., Work-Study, IHF Nakuru

The International Humanity is anything but stagnant. There is always something going on and something to participate in. From church, to football, to the farm, to the children’s exams, to fetching water and washing clothes, there is never a dull moment in Nakuru.

Despite unreliable Wi-Fi and the possible lack of ability to get online work done, there is always a kid knocking at the door ready to play or a chore that could become accomplished. In fact, the local hours are by far my favorite working hours here in Kenya. The more you reach out to the community, the more opportunities that arise, even amongst the kids. For instance, when spending time reading a book with a little guy who had been home from school for the week (who has been such a helping hand during his time at home), I was invited by him to go to Church with the kids, and little did I know that I would also be re-visiting the lovely people who had recently donated clothes to the kids the week before, learn how they experience church for the morning and evening hours, learn more of the near-by neighborhoods and get served a great rice plate for lunch.

Nueva imagen (7)

Likewise, upon my return home, another kid wished to catch up and allowed me the opportunity to come watch his football game the next morning. Through this time, I was able to see a new part of the surrounding Nakuru I would have never been able to experience before. In short, the secret to the sweet life is to seize the moment –seize the local community, seize your responsibilities and friendships with fellow co-workers, seize the time with the kids, and never forget to soak it all in with open eyes and an open heart!

You never know what opportunity or learning experience may come up next.

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