Exploring Chiang Rai

by Guanjin, Work-Study, IHF Chiang Rai

Life here in Chiang Rai is a whole new experience to me. Since everything here is so different from where I live, there is a lot to get used to. Thanks to Joy and Esme!, they helped me a lot to get familiar with the Center and the village around. The Rain Season is coming in Thailand, so the weather became very humid and hot. This is kind of similar with the weather in Virginia, so I got used to it quite easily. And after the other work-study volunteer, Yuxuan, came here, we went to “explore” the place around and found a shopping mall, as well as a market, so I think I could get used to life here.

Nueva imagen (9)

The children here are very friendly and  kind. They always helped with preparing food and cleaning, and they are very polite. The youngest one loves watching movies in our room, and she will always come to our room in the morning and spend almost her whole day here. She’s good at music and singing I think, because she could easily sing along with any song she listened to, whether it’s in Thai or in other languages. Smart girl! People here are all very friendly and I like my first week here!

Nueva imagen (8)


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