Learning to Teach in Jakarta

by Yanyi, H., Work-Study, IHF Jakarta

My second week at the IHF Jakarta Center has just passed. During this time, the most impressive thing for me is finding how hard teaching is.

I am assigned to teach English to SD1 to SD4, which means first to fourth grade, with children between 6 and 10 years old. These children always have endless energy and it’s definitely not easy to get their attention always focused on the class. Honestly, I was pretty worried at first, for I was not sure if I could successfully communicate with the children without Indonesian. But after one week, I found out that language is not what matters the most when teaching small children. It’s attention and patience. If I try my best to explain something to the children, no matter with simple English or self-drawn flashcards or body language or even google-translated Indonesian, mostly, the children willIMG_20140709_174443 understand me. However, this progress takes you so much attention and patience that you’ll definitely have more respect for all the primary school teachers after this. On the other side, thanks to the children’s energy, I can receive such active responses to my questions and requests in class, which feels really nice. So I guess the effort is eventually worthwhile.

Besides that, I also taught Mandarin and Art class for the first time, which are easier, but also fun.



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