In just a few days in Aceh…

by  Sherry, Kelly and July, Work-Study, IHF Aceh

We have already been here for more than a week. During these days, we have met children, who are eager to be exposed to new knowledge; local volunteers, who are very friendly and outgoing, and also a very nice and enthusiastic Italian boy. Of course, our dear Directors, Timea and Jessica, have been very patient and nice to us since we arrived. We had a lot of fun.


On the third day, after we arrived at the Centre, we went to a BBQ party held by a friend of our Directors on the beach. However, the wind was so strong that we had no choice but to stay inside. Nevertheless, the food everyone brought and shared was actually very nice. The conversation was also quite intriguing.

Untitled1 (1)

Several days ago, one of the friends we made acquaintance with on the beach showed us around the city. It was his last day at Aceh before leaving for Jakarta. We visited the Tsunami Museum, but sadly it was closed. We managed to visit the Ship on the roof –yes, a ship is literally on the roof of a house. The ship was taken by the wave of the Tsunami and was placed on the roof. We’ve also visited the Grand Mosque –the biggest mosque at Aceh, but only at a distance because we didn’t bring a scarf.


As for recruitment tasks for the Centre, along with local volunteers, we visited the neighbourhood by motorbike and walking. The scenery around is actually stunning.  People around are really friendly, even if we are strangers to them.

For a moment, a month’s stay seems to be too short for us.


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