Becoming friends with the children in Jakarta

by Yanyi H., Work-Study, IHF Jakarta

Three more volunteers arrived at the Center this week, two of whom are majoring in education, which means a lot of help to the Center. The two teachers-to-be flattered me with plenty of compliments for my class, for teaching is truly something new and hard for me. Another good news is that another volunteer is helping me out with all my classes. I feel really proud when introducing the children, classes and things around the Center to him, even though I’ve only stayed here for two weeks myself.

Blog Yanyi 2

I’m glad that I am becoming more and more familiar with the teaching work, as well as the children now. When we broke the fast together on Thursday evening, many students of mine also came and we had a really good time at the Center. All of us enjoyed the food and I made a nice video of it for one of my Work-Study tasks. I felt that the children see me not only as their teacher but also a friend, which is the warmest thing that has happened to  me in my two-week-long teaching career!

Blog Yanyi


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