A peek into the kids’ lives in Kenya

by Nora S., Medical Intern, IHF Nakuru

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go to East Pokot for our bi-annual famine feed. East Pokot is an extremely marginalized tribe where most of our kids are from.  I went with Steve, another Director, and a few of the kids from our Center.  It was an amazing experience.  We got to see where these kids are coming from.  In fact, I got to meet several of our kids’ relatives.  We arrived early in the morning and we went to four villages to hand out cabbage and maize flour for them to make ugali, the most common dish here.

DSCF1039DSCF1241 (1)

The people of East Pokot suffer from many preventable diseases, but suffer because they do not have access to medical care or most importantly, clean water.  Some villages are more than 30 km from the nearest water source, and it’s not even safe to drink.

It was an extremely humbling experience to be involved in.  Everyone was so grateful and I was just thankful to have a chance to see the life of the children I’ve been so intimately working with for two months.

DSCF1001It was amazing that even though these people were suffering as they were, they were able to smile and laugh, and ask about their kids.  I hope that we were able to provide some comfort, relief, and happiness to them. A week later, I’m still completely blown away and honored. It is an experience I will not soon forget.


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