Bali’s mounting garbage problem

by Mika, Voluntourist, IHF Bali

This week, we got familiar with Bali’s environment, and we really enjoyed the work in here. But one serious problem that came into notice was the mounting garbage scattering everywhere, especially near the beach areas.

The volunteers and some of the locals try to recycle plastic, paper and aluminum, but a great deal ends up scattered everywhere, taken out to the sea and blown back to the beach.  You can imagine the scene, when you wish to enjoy your holiday in this fancy island, the first view that comes to your eyes is the polluted beach and sea.

This Saturday afternoon, with some of the children that attend the IHF classes, we went to the beach in front of our house, picked lots of plastic garbage and after that, this beach seems better than before.

IMG_9714 (1) IMG_9717 (1)

So, to conclude, we are real looking forward for more people to join us that can help with more effectively methods to make Bali clean.


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