A future great teacher in Medan

by Xintong Z., Voluntourist, IHF Medan

This is my first time doing teaching work, which I think is a great experience for me because I study English and maybe someday a will be a great teacher! The students in the Center are cute and smart. I was quite surprised that they are pretty good at speaking English, while Chinese students can only write in English. I love them so much.

10561589_164482437085039_5309445584606618906_n (1)2014-07-01 15.08.16 (1)

The trip to Lake Toba w2 (2)as perfect. I went there on the weekend with the volunteers I work together with. It is really beautiful, the sky was blue and the weather was good. We stayed in a homestay hotel. The house keeper took us around Lake Toba for the whole day. He is a really nice person. His wife is a German woman who traveled there 33 years ago and got married to him.

And, I felt really happy on the day of the final match of the World Cup. It was cool and I love to share happiness together with others, though Argentina lost. Finally, this is a great experience for me as a volunteer in Medan. I think I can be a teacher someday in future.


Thanks to my nice director Rafa and Thank you IHF!

10429318_164482300418386_5370392236714942006_n (1)



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