Getting used to Aceh

by Daysi & Dawen, Voluntourists, IHF Aceh

This is the second week we have been staying here, and we have started to get used to Banda Aceh, to the IHF Center, and to the volunteers here including both local and international. I am feeling much better when I see the geckoes now than when I first saw them and could only sleep well after reciting a passage from the holy bible. In addition, the food, which has Indonesian taste with a special sauce, is extremely delicious. Although, there were not many teaching classes during this week, I got the chance to spend time more closely with the children and it is really a lot of fun playing with children who are so smart and, thus, learn things very fast. Besides our own class, we also attended the other volunteers’ classes such as Italian class, and getting to know another language that we haven’t been in touch with before is amazing.

This week, we had a fundraising activity, which was about selling pudding. We had lots of fun in this fundraising activity. I always believe that people who like to volunteer are nice, and so they are; we spent the rest of the time together. Sometimes, we go out to have dinner or drink together, but other times we just hang out in the Center and chill. No matter what we do, the atmosphere is perfect because everybody likes to share and joke around.

IMG_0401_MG_7644 _MG_7778IMG_0377

On the 27th we went to the center of Banda Aceh. There was a big festival,so many people got together there and celebrate it. We had a lot of fun and the fireworks after the parade were really amazing. The life here became more and more comfortable and I started to feel like I am living in a big family .Everything starts to become a part of my life. I am sure that the experience here would be one of the best memories of my life.


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