Appreciating Jakarta

by Chengsheng, L., Voluntourist, IHF Jakarta

This week is my first week in Jakarta. Everyone here is very friendly and easygoing. I am very happy I got this chance to join this big family. I was assigned to teach SD1 to SD4 classes, which are Primary classes. At first, I just played the role of an assistant in the class due to the lack of experience at being a teacher. SD1 class surprised me so much, because they were behaving in a very naughty manner! They couldn’t even sit still for ten seconds. They run, they shout, and they play. I keep saying “sit down”, sometimes “duduk” which means “sit down” in Indonesian to the whole class and I nearly lost my voice. Fortunately, although they are very naughty, they go back to their seats when I ask them to.


Friday night was an unforgettable night. We went to a karaoke to celebrate Ayu’s birthday. We sang Indonesian songs, Mandarin songs, English songs, and Indian songs.

Said by the IHF founder: “IHF Jakarta provides a loving and safe environment for both the children and volunteers alike and you cannot help but fall in love with the country, the food, the culture, and of course the people”. I have started to fall in love with this city and I appreciate everything I have experienced here.



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