It looks like Christmas morning in Chiang Rai!

by Giulia M., Work-Study, IHF Chiang Rai

It seems like many Tuesdays here in the Chiang Rai Center, all the kids are at school and the volunteers do the usual duties. Then, the co-Director asks us to get on a truck and go to the city Center to pick up some gifts that a sponsor has brought for the Center and for the children.

After a few minutes, we arrive in the city center and go to the hotel where we find the sponsor and the gifts that he brought. And after all the hard work of taking and loading the truck with all of the things, and a sincere thank you to the sponsor, we return to the Center, where we start to check and organize all of the gifts.

It looks like Christmas morning! There are a lot of useful things for the Center and for the children, and it’s impossible to write here a list of all the things that we received!

Among the most beautiful gifts, there is a wonderful bicycle, that everyone can use, a blender that we could use to prepare smoothies, a big television and a coffee machine for those volunteers who need an energy drink before work in the morning.

Nueva imagen (16)

When the children come back from school, you can imagine their smiling faces when they see all the presents. They help the volunteers organize all of the things, and this becomes a way to start a conversation with the children, to know each other better and to build relationships between people who speak different languages, who live in different countries and have different cultures.

Thank you very much for these gifts, not only for the Center, that received useful things, but also for the smiles and the relationships that developed between children and volunteers.

Nueva imagen (17)



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