Fundraising for the children in Aceh

by Leonardo D., Work-Study, IHF Aceh

Preparing a fundraising event was a unique experience, every part of the process was hard, yet exciting! When we decided to have a fundraising event, we were all thrilled and ready to prepare it as best as we could! We agreed on selling pudding, due to the simplicity of the recipe and to the low cost of the ingredients.

We managed to find a ready-to-cook powder, which resulted to be cheap and easy to cook. After everything was ready, we were all looking forward to the day of the event.

Finally, when the day came, there were a lot of tasks to do and we divided them among all the volunteers. Some of us were drawing the pictures of the pudding with the prices on the blackboards, some of us were cooking and others were making room in the fridge for the big amount of pudding we were preparing. The mouth-watering fragrance of chocolate and mango in the air accompanied us throughout the morning.  When we finally managed to put the 190 pudding cups in the fridge, after a morning of hard work, we all took a break and waited until the pudding was ready. Later, we wrapped up the pudding and began to prepare the tables, banners and posters.


We split into two groups: one group went to the nearby mosque and the other near a big mall close to the Center. When the first customers came, searching for something which they could break the fast with (because we had our fundraising in the last days of Ramadan), we were all so happy! People were curious about the international volunteers and stopped for talking and for taking pictures. Furthermore, the local volunteers helped a lot by spreading the word about IHF. We also distributed some flyers with the timetable of the classes we are about to have in the new school year starting in August. The fundraising was a great success and both groups managed to sell all the pudding and we made a good profit.


I encourage every volunteer to organize at least one fundraising event during their stay at IHF. It is a wonderful feeling to see how a project becomes reality, especially if it is your own and most importantly, if it is for a good cause! You gain a lot from this, you learn how to make a financial plan for an event, how to deal with money and primarily, how to interact with people. It is also ideal for getting to know the locals a little bit better and have a conversation about IHF and its goals in an informal and relaxed setting. We spent a wonderful day working on the fundraising and we have become a really good team!



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