Life at the IHF Nakuru Center

by Desai, F., Voluntourist, IHF Nakuru

It was July 15th 14.25 pm when we arrived at Nairobi airport. The sun was quite strong at that moment. When we got out of the airport, Harry, who is our new neighbor, was already waiting for us there. On the way back, we witnessed the horrible traffic jam in Nairobi and our car was almost stuck in the road. Regardless of the traffic, we also saw some wild big birds that we have never seen in China before, and an incredible sunset along the way, besides, Harry talked with us about the food, weather and lifestyle in Kenya. So it was a fun trip anyway.

Due to the traffic jam, it took us around four hours to go from the airport to the Center. It was 8.30 pm when we finally arrived at the Center. Children, staff, as well as other volunteers, were very warm and friendly. They held our hands, hugged us, and helped us with the luggage. The dorm is simple but nice. It was actually better than what we expected. At least we can get all the necessities.

Nueva imagen (11)

On the second day, in the morning, we ate our first meal in Kenya, which was Mandaxi and tea. Mandaxi is similar to one of the traditional foods in China, but it adds the local color, and the tea is savory and mellow. We liked the breakfast very much. After finishing the breakfast, Kapedo showed us the whole Center and we met many children here. They were very kind and warmly greeted us. They have some farmlands here and planted many crops like maize, kale and potatoes. The sunshine burns in the day and the land is dry. In the afternoon, we helped Ann peeled the beans which were part of our lunch. We sat on the grassland, did the work and chatted with Ann and other volunteers. We enjoyed the leisure time time and the life in the Center. We ate dinner at about 6.00 pm. It was made of ugali and some cabbages. But we thought that maybe we couldn’t get used to this kind of dinner because it tasted a little strange for us.

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On the third day, the breakfast was also Mandaxi and tea. After a simple breakfast, we went to the farm to help digging out the potatoes. The potatoes here are different from the ones in China because the size is much smaller. However, actually, there are two kinds of potatoes in the farm, one is small, and the other is bigger. At first, we couldn’t recognize which one was the potato plant, but many children helped us. After the fascinating morning, in the afternoon we went to the town to get our money exchanged. There is a good mall called Westside and we got our daily supplies, such as drinking water, clean water pills and food there. Also, there is a nice restaurant called Java and we enjoyed our dinner there. In the evening, many kids came to our room to play with us. Games in Warmie mobile phones are really popular. LOL Poker card and Magic Cube are also popular and Elizabeth is really good at playing Magic Cube.

Our fourth day in the Center was an amazing Saturday. After we got up, we collected the kids to wash their sheets and blankets. It’s cool that they put the blankets on the ground to wash it. After they finished cleaning, some kids came to our room; however, contrary to what we expected, the kids didn’t ask us for phone games this time, so we taught them how to make paper toys. Some of them learnt how to make paper hearts and balls. Other boys have the gift of drawing, especially when drawing football players. Thus, it can be figured out that they love football very much. In the afternoon, we met the blind girl, Kamama, for the first time. Vivian came with her, so we played many great songs for them, for example, good time. It seems that Kamama likes songs greatly. We hope that we can do more for these lovely kids in our last few days here.


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