A Sponsor’s Visit at IHF Bali!

by Esther M., Work-Study Volunteer, IHF Bali

Last Tuesday, we enjoyed a visit from one of our Bali sponsors,  Jessica, here at the Bali Center.Jessica is from Australia, and she was travelling around Bali with her family when she decided to give us a big surprise.

Jessica with her sponsored class

She works as a scientist and she came to show us a little bit about her work.


She made a volcano from a plastic bottle covered by some sand and let some kids fill it up with bicarbonate. T hen she dumped a little bit of vinegar inside of the volcano and it suddenly explode, impressing all of us, mainly the kids who started to applaud her.

She repeated the experiment several times so almost all of the kids could participate on it.

Jessica also wanted to offer us a demonstration about how electricity can appear just rubbing a balloon in someone´s hair, but unfortunately it didn´t work because of the humid weather of Bali.

Jessica Bali

The kids really loved the experiments, and we will like to thank Jessica and her family because it was a nice detail coming to visit our Bali Center. We hope to see you here again!!


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