Missing Aceh already…

by Gala, Cloris, Elena and Aeril, Voluntourists, IHF Banda Aceh 

This is the last week of our stay in Banda Aceh. When we first came here, we felt uncomfortable of the environment and the climate. However, after a few days stay, we  have already fallen in love with this city and nice people here, and we already start to miss this place since the leaving day is coming soon. At the center, we do some cleaning job every day and some poster design for the Independence Day.


Kids_ Aceh

We have English class for SMA and SD4, and it is much more difficult to teach them than  expected due to language barriers. It appears that we cannot understand each other during the SD4 classes, so we try to pick up some Bahasa Indonesia and keep asking local volunteers for help, and they are very nice to us.

Aceh_ Teaching


For senior high students, their English is much better than the primary school kids, so we make the class more like a workshop. We shared knowledge about China and Indonesia, and some tips for presentation which we learned at university. At the beginning, they were too shy to talk to us, but we get familiar quickly and they become willing to talk to us. The class was in a pleasant atmosphere and we really enjoyed the class.

Last night, we cooked Chinese food for local volunteers and directors to show gratitude to them, and it was awesome. It is a memorable experience of volunteer in Banda Aceh, and we think we will share our  experience to my friends and spread the word of IHF after we come back to China.

Chinese food.Aceh



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