Celebrating Independence Day in Bali!

 by Luo Huizhong​, Work-Study, IHF Bali
One month ago, on August 17th was the Independence Day in Indonesia.
We decided to organize a party to celebrate with the kids here in the Bali center!
We bought some snacks and drinks for eating during the party. We also played some games that the kids love: “Hot Potatoes”, “Bad Jumping”, “Walking with balloons” and “Two people three feet”. Some kids were playing with colourful balloons while some others were learning paper folding with the volunteers. When they played in the back field, they all behaved well and made efforts for their own team.
I think sometimes playing games is a better way to teach kids some good principles. They can learn how to cooperate as a teamwork.
Every kid played happily so you could hear the laughter all the time! At last, we danced together with the exciting music and all the children get their own presents. They are extremely interested in candies.We really had a great time! It was worth after hours of preparing the party and all the stuff. We were very happy to see the smiling faces of the children.
After Independence Day the children came back to class again. I am glad to see that they gained knowledge and happiness here. Thanks IHF for this opportunity. It has been the best experience ever!

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