From IHF Nakuru to Chiang Rai Center

by Julie, Executive Director, IHF Chiang Rai

Another busy week at the IHF children’s home in Chiang Rai. Many of the children have extra lessons or school trips in these final weeks before the month-long school holidays due at the end of next week. Currently I am visiting from where I am normally based in the Kenya centre and it has been interesting to see how the two centres function and what learning can be shared. A much smaller home here means that I get to spend more quality time with each child which is essential given that most of the children only know basic English. The centre also operates more as small family home and as such does not have local staff so we’ve all had to cook, clean and shop together. Motivating a bunch of teenagers to do their chores has certainly been a our indoor water featurechallenge. My son came out to visit with me for three weeks and I think he found it most amusing, remembering how I used to badger him just the same.
The rainy season hit with a vengeance and we have developed a nice indoor ‘water feature’ due to a leaky drainpipe. The children thought it was a great excuse for an water fight and shower.
on the scooter
I’ve also been getting out around the local area more on this visit and got up to the Golden Triangle where Laos, Thailand and Myanmar meet. Basically just a joining of two rivers and a lot of jungle but I can recommend the trip by river up from Chang Seng.
Buzzing around on the centre Scooter to get groceries and go to meetings has perhaps been the most fun thing to do. It’s great in Chiang Rai where everyone is very considerate of motorcyclists – very different from my native London.
At the Golden Triangle

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