Life through our student’s eyes

By  Nelson A., Student who wants to become a Journalist, IHF Kenya

The new school term has begun, and there are many activities in our schools including sports and music festivals going on. Some of the children participate in these activities while others are very busy reading text books and revising previous topics for their national examination which begins in November.056

The good news is that the maize that we planted in our Peace farm has produced some yields which helps us in the mornings and lunch time as well. The low production of the maize is due to the low amounts of rainfalls that we have been suffering this season.

We are lucky to have directors and volunteers at the center helping us doing our homework which sometimes is hard for us. Mathematics is one of the subjects that is becoming harder and harder for all the students.

We have fun during the weekends visiting our friends outside of the center and playing football wich is the game that most of the boys like to play. We also like watching movies during our free time.



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