Please help us to help Fajri and his family

Fajri_2by Helene, Co-Director, IHF Jakarta

Sad news in Jakarta.

A big fire started in a nearby neighbourhood, from a construction site and rapidly spread in the slums around, leaving many of its poor inhabitants without a place to sleep.

In particular, one of our TEP students, Fajri, from our fourth grade class, saw his house destroyed by this horrible incident. He used to live in the house of his father’s parents, but the house disappeared in the fire. The family managed to get out of the house in time but all their possessions were destroyed. This includes clothes, food, furniture, but also important papers such as diplomas, birth certificates, etc… which will make it very hard for Fajri’s parents to find and keep a job.

They have now relocated to the house of his mother’s parents. The house was also touched by the fire but the foundations are still standing. However, the roof fully burnt, and therefore, they can only stay there as long as there are no rains.

The family is already facing financial difficulties and Fajri’s health condition is not good. With the fire, the family also breathed in a lot of smoke, which will not help Fajri’s health situation.
We hope for the best for them and that the government will help them repair their house and compensate their losses, but as many of these settlements are not legal and allowed, it is highly probable that nothing will be done.

Here are some articles in Indonesian, if interested.

All money donations are welcome and will be directly donated to Fajri and his family to ensure they have a place to stay, food to eat and clothes to wear.

We will be fundraising for Fajri and his family for the next 8 – 12 weeks, but ask you to please donate ASAP as the money is needed right away. Please donate via,  select “General Donation” and ensure to add the subject: “Fajri” to the subject when making the donation.

Thank you for your help. The Jakarta team will ensure you get an update on Fajri and what was done with donations in the next months.


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