Yaniz’s Birthday Party at Banda Aceh Center

by Timea M., Co-Director, IHF Banda Aceh

Living and working at the IHF Banda Aceh center is an unique experience. Staying at your workplace and living with your colleagues can be sometimes overwhelming and tiring.

However, having all the children around makes up for all the inconvenience. Teaching them is great but the best thing about them is that they doesn´t only enjoy the classes but also like hanging out with us. Many of them come a bit earlier or stay longer after the classes have finished to talk or play with us.


Last week, our lovely “cleaner boys” from SD2 and SD3 discovered the frisbees and had tons of fun playing with it on the street after class. Of course, one of the frisbees landed on the top of the roof but this really is not a big deal when we can see them being happy and carefree.

They also like to be part of the life of the center. On Wednesday we celebrated Yaniz’s, (one of our local volunteers), birthday and they were just as excited about it – if not more – as the birthday boy himself! We had fake snow and candles and we were playing around before the classes started. I could not possibly describe their joy, so let the pictures speak instead of me. I hope to see them having such a wonderful time on many more occasions during my time with IHF.



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