A Fundraising Success at IHF Aceh: One example of how much you can do!

by Johanna N. Ottolinger, Director ,  FR&M
Recently, one of our Work-Study volunteers, Xin Wei, launched a successful campaign with his local network during his time on-site at IHF Aceh. It was a huge success, and yielded many needed items at the Aceh center and IHF as a whole. This type of activity is an option for all Work-Study volunteers to pursue during their time on-site at IHF, and one we highly encourage because of its interactive, inclusive nature. Volunteers can blog daily events, set up skype calls and promote a very interactive environment for their networks during their stays at -center. We have included his summary inline as a reference to all who might be interested in maximizing his /her Fundraising time and setting up such a campaign.
Another option is to set up a Global Dinner after a volunteer has departed, which essentially means the volunteer will be at home and invite his / her network to a given spot where they have the opportunity to jointly interact with one or a few of our centers and of course, our local attending children. If any past or present volunteers are interested  in pursuing this option, please let us know at fundraising@ihfonline.org and we will get back to you shortly.
For now, a big thank you on behalf of  our team and  IHF to Xin Wei and his network for allowing us to depict their story and their generous contributions!

Here is Xin Wei’s account: 
A big thank you (to all of you in my network) for helping me out on my volunteering adventure with the International Humanity Foundation (IHF) in Banda Aceh! With everyone’s donations I’ve been able to purchase a mini projector, printer, and scanner for the centre whose primary focus is providing education for the less fortunate. Additionally, I was able to obtain stationery, whiteboard markers (these were VERY useful since we teach so many classes each day), exercise books for the children, and teaching materials such as educational flip charts, colouring books, and assessment books. On top of all that, there was also a cash donation of made directly to the centre.
During my stay there, I was mostly involved in teaching English and Mandarin, mainly to SD (primary school) children and also a class of SMA (Junior College) students. Teaching different levels and languages to students who mostly speak Bahasa Indonesia was both challenging and rewarding – I’ve learned as much from them as (I hope) they learnt from me!
Because of the way IHF is structured, I was also able to contribute to the general running of the NGO, which relies on its international volunteers collaborating online to fulfill tasks such as volunteer recruitment, fundraising, and creating lesson plans adaptable for the various centres. Before going to Aceh, I’d only been working from home with them in their teacher training team, so this trip was a great way to see how the organisation functions as a whole, and also to put some faces to names on my email inbox 🙂 
At the centre itself what inspired me the most was how the centre relied upon a combination of local volunteers who not only taught classes but also helped out the international volunteers with running the centre and settling into Achenese life. At the same time, the local volunteers gained confidence communicating in English with foreigners, something that both encouraged them and broadened their outlook on life.
Thank you for supporting me in this chance to learn how IHF and other NGOs work, the challenges they face, and the possibilities they can create for the places they’re in and the people they serve.
To learn more about the organisation and the programmes it runs, you can check out: 
For volunteering opportunities with them: http://www.ihfonline.org/volunteering.php

2 thoughts on “A Fundraising Success at IHF Aceh: One example of how much you can do!

  1. I am a graduate having studied social sciences-sociology option & i would like to volunteer at nakuru center kenya.How will i make it to qualify to volunteership position at IHF Kenya

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