Wedding Celebration in Kenya!

by Ana Cecilia C., WorkStudy, IHF Nakuru

It was not a very good night from Friday to Saturday, there was a girl that was not feeling well and woke us up at 2.30 am so we could take care of her. It was nothing serious, and she is fine now, but it was complicated to have a good sleep after that.

03On Saturday morning I woke up at 7:00 am and heard all the voices outside my room, I knew it was time to get out of bed and start the day. I needed to take three girls to the local clinic in the morning and then work on the profiles so the kids could get sponsors.

The visit to the clinic was the best part of the day, the clinic belongs to a church in the area of Githima which is a very poor neighborhood around which the center is located. When we arrived I realized there was something going on because there was a group of women cooking what seemed to be a big meal. The church was looking very nice with purple decorations and the pastor was wearing a suit.

In the clinic they told us that the doctor hadn’t arrived but that he wouldn’t take long to come, however, we decided to go inside the church to look around. It was looking very pretty because there was a wedding happening at 10:00 and the Pastor invited us to stay for the celebration and the lunch after that. I was tempted. The food the women were cooking looked amazing, and the girls were very excited to receive an invitation.

When we were already with the doctor they told us to go outside because the bride was arriving. We all rushed outside to find this caravan of cars wi01th big purple and white bows entering the compound, they were followed by at least 50 small kids all clapping and very excited, then the beautiful Bibi Arusi (Bride in Kiswahili) came down from the car and the first thing that her women relatives did after fixing her dress was: “You have to take pictures with the mzungu!!” so they grabbed me and put me next to her and started taking many pictures.

I have to say that it was very exciting. I have always loved weddings, brides, and specially wedding dresses. I felt very privileged that as an unknown person to this woman, she was extremely happy to be taking pictures with me, because so I was.

Of course we did not stay for the celebration, after the girls got their check ups we went back to the center chatting about weddings and celebrations. The girls were very happy as well from the experience. At some point they all said that they were very happy to be my friends and as02ked me to stay forever at the center. I felt overwhelmed and very happy that I was finally getting closer to the girls. I felt even more privileged.

It was a great Saturday morning at Nakuru!

Some Vocabulary:

Arusi – Wedding

Bibi Arusi – Bride

Bwana Arusi – Groom


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