IHF Medan Says Goodbye to Rafa and Hello! I am Aditi!

by Aditi, Co-Director, IHF Medan


At the beginning of the week, Rafa, one of the Co-directors at our centre, moved to the Bali centre. He had built a good rapport with the volunteers and children. We are hopeful that we will get to see him again sometime at the centre in the future.

My name is Aditi, and I will be here taking care of the Medan Center, along with Lissa, my colleague and fellow Co-Director. Classes have been going on in full swing. It rained all the days of the week and the children enjoyed studying in this weather. They enthusiastically came to the centre and attended classes. The air of the centre was filled with the smiling faces of the children and the noise of the falling raindrops.

I have started a teacher training workshop at the centre which will continue for some weeks. The workshop is on English for teachers. It will be conducted every week at a time when the children do not have classes and the teachers are free to attend the workshop. I am hopeful that this will help the teachers improve their knowledge and command over the language and in turn benefit the children studying at our centre.



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