Attending Our Students’ School – and Watching Them Perform Snow White

by Jing T., Work-study volunteer, IHF Bali

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all, hahaha…” with the all familiar lines came bursts of roaring laughter, and the scene of the play was at one of the Junior Schools at Manggis, Bali.


This week, several junior girls invited us to their Snow White recital. Sounded fascinating and off we went to root for them, all eight of us at the Bali center.

The moment we found the school and entered the campus, we were greeted by big smiles and enthusiastic salutes. It’s a co-ed school but boys and girls go to separate classes, or in some cases, even when they go to the same class, they sit apart.

Though performed without those fancy props or costumes, the play was full ofanimation and joy, and from the lively faces of the audience, it was obvious that they were fully absorbed in the hilarity.school2

The overall infrastructure of the school looks basic and simple; nevertheless, they enjoy the natural blessing of a beautiful garden-like campus.

Feeling the exuberance flowing all around the campus, one couldn’t help but wonder whether there’s more to ask from childhood if it’s not a healthy body and a happy mind.

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