English session for the Local Volunteers at IHF Medan

by Aditi, Co-Director, IHF Medan

This week at Medan centre, the English session for the local volunteers, which is part of our teacher training, went on well. The session was held on vocabulary, verbs and communication. Under the verbs section, teachers learned the difference between regular and irregular verbs and how to use them in present and past tense. Role play and games were used during the session and the teachers seemed to enjoy learning. They were enthusiastic and happy. The role play invovled acting out scenes and situations from a day in a foreign country. They conversed in English and performed well. IMG-20141020-WA0007

The classes have been going on regularly. It is nice to see the parents dropping their kids off at our centre for the classes. Their faith in IHF is very encouraging! There was a parent that came to drop off her child. She saw me and was upset when her child did not greet me or the other teacher. She then asked her child to make sure that she always greets elders and teachers!


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