A relaxing Yoga Class that turned into a cake war

by Esther M., Co-Director, IHF Bali

Last week we had a lot of events going on at the Bali Center. We have a visit from Marta, a Spanish Yoga teacher who was traveling around Bali and was really interested in what the IHF was doing here. After seeing the classes and the center she was amazed so we proposed that she should do a Yoga Masterclass with the kids as many of them are not very familiar with this wonderful practice.

P1050468 (640x527)So we had a groupal Yoga Class with the kids which was everything but relaxing.The kids enjoyed it so much and after we played a game to build words with their own bodies.

P1050474 (640x478)

After the exercise we recovered ourselves with a bunch of
snacks, some music and games, the kids loved it! As the former directors Hanna and Greg were going back to Germany we had also a Goodbye Cake for all the kids. What better way to finish the day than with a cake war and everybody’s dirty faces? Even with the sadness of them leaving it was a really fun day!

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