Indian Festival of Light at IHF Medan

by Lissa, Co-Director, IHF Medan

Last week was a celebration of Diwali (Deepavali) on the Indian neighborhood in Medan. Diwali is similar to New Year for Indian culture. They also mention it as the “Festival of light”. Our Co-Director Aditi invited all the volunteers and me to her house to celebrate Diwali with her family as all of us were very interested to approach ourselves to this part of the Indian culture as we have seen it only in Hindi movies (Bollywood). IMG-20141023-03212

At first when we arrived to her house, we saw Indian decorations everywhere. There were colourful flowers all around the house. We tasted the Indian cuisine which is definitely way different to the Indonesian food. Even Aditi and her husband, Ritesh taught us how to eat the food properly!IMG-20141023-03220

After we have eaten lots of food, The Festival of Lights started. We ignited the candles inside the house and in front of every door in Aditi’s house, then we went outside to make the night more colourful with some fireworks. It was so much fun and a really unforgettable night. We were glad to have enjoyed  a Diwali celebration without even going to India. 🙂



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