Paper Planes for the Muslim New Year!

by Timea, Co-Director, IHF Aceh

On Saturday most people in Aceh, including DSC00812almost all our students, were celebrating “Satu Muharram”, the Muslim new year. They wanted to spend this day with their familes relaxing or going to the beach, since the children did not have to go to school. Thus, only 4 students came to the center. We were very happy to have them, though.

We have decided that instead of the regular classes we will do something fun with them. First, we made paper pl  anes and everybody had to decorate their own nicely. After this we had a competition, the children had to aim with their planes at a dart board. They each had five turns. At DSC00792each turn, they could collect or lose points, depending on where they hit the target. It was really fun and they could even practice some Math by adding up their points from round to round.

After this we were making paper ships and decorated them with flags the children drew. Once everyone was done with the ship and the flag, we went to the bathroom and released them on water – we put them in the bathtub and sank them all by throwing marbles at them. This was a lot of fun, everybody enjoyed sinking the ships. Of course, we immediately realised that the ships were completely ruined so we had to make new ones, so the children could take them home.



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