Local Fundraising Events: A Couple of Recent Highlights

by Johanna N. Ottolinger,  Director , FR&M

At IHF, we invite our volunteers to take a hands-on role in informing and engaging their local communities to raise awareness for and about IHF. This includes increasing awareness through networking and events, engaging local advertisers and establishing a sustainable presence with strategic partners willing to promote and support IHF’s work.

Two recent examples highlighted here include a football event in Jakarta and a Bingo Night in Bali. These are just samples of how instrumental each and every volunteer can be in enabling IHF’s mission.

IHF Jakarta Futsal (Football) Cup: The IHF Jakarta Futsal cup was organized by Mindaugas, one of Jakarta’s Co-Directors. Apart from being an avid footballer himself, he had formerly organized various football-related events with the IHF children. Proceeds were generated through teams paying registration fees and awareness was disseminated via online channels and local networks.  The event was a success, as proceeds  exceeded the costs and the event generated a community -building and overall positive reception. Most markedly, the Futsal Cup brought to light IHF, its mission and its programs working in  the marginalized communities we do. Futsal


Bingo NightBali Bingo Night: The Bali Bingo Night was organized by Esther, Jing and Kerri, all Wor
k -Study volunteers and Samir, a one-month voluntourist. Flyers and word-of-mouth across local channels were employed to generate the audience who convened on Friday Night at New Queen’s in Candidasa.
Samir smartly hosted the event, with jokes and anecdotes to entertain the Bingo-enthused crowd. Also here, while funds were generated towards supporting IHF’s programs and intiatives, the lasting impact and awareness was most significant.

bingo collagefr2color


A big thank you to all participating volunteers and centers.

To all incoming, past and present volunteers: we look forward to YOUR  ideas! Once you have arrived at your respective centers, please contact fundraising@ihfonline.org with your ideas so we can help get them realized!




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