Exploring their artistic skills in Medan

by Aditi, Co-Director, IHF Medan

It was a busy week at IHF Medan. Along with the ongoing classes, an art workshop was organized for all the children. The workshop was held in the afternoons after School hours and before the scheduled classes at center. 20141027_124122 (2)Sessions for children were held each day for 1.5 to two hours, according to the level of children.

The workshop was held with the idea to explore the creative side of children. Art has proven to cultivate significant skills that aid development in children. It helps a child to interact with the world around her/him. It is helpful in developing skills of self-expression and communication. Art also helps in development of skills including problem-solving, social and emotional and fine motor skills among others.

20141103_155625 (1)

The sessions were taken by Aditi and included thread painting, leaf painting, finger art, mixed media. Level of difficulty under each progressed with the level and age of children. The workshop was held for all classes including SD1, SD2, SD3, SD4, SD5, junior and senior students. SD6 will have their workshop next week. At the end of the workshop, the work of children would be put on display and parents would be invited to see their wards’ work of art.

20141028_150714 (2)

Children seemed to enjoy it and had joyful expressions through out the sessions. Some were unsure of what were they doing initially when they started the sessions but soon got into the flow and started enjoying. Some produced great pieces of art work. Thread painting was the most enjoyed session throughout and across classes. The children were delighted to see different patterns being formed with thread and colors. It  was observed that girls participated in higher numbers than boys. We hope to change this trend the next time that we organize another creative workshop.

20141027_154341 (3)


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