IHF Aceh flooded after Halloween Night

by Emily, Co-Director, IHF Aceh

Happy Halloween from IHF Center in Banda Aceh, Indonesia! Our SMP and SMA students were brimming with questions about American Halloween traditions all week. One student, having seen a lot of movies, asked if we really eat that much candy in one night. On Friday, we combined the classes and put to rest all their questions, going over spooky vocabulary and discussing Halloween traditions. We then role-played trick-or-treating, with all the students coming up with costumes and receiving candy for their efforts. We then tried to watch an old children’s movie called Double, Double, Toil and Trouble. Unfortunately, we overestimated the excitement factor of the film, and the students preferred to ask more questions about Halloween rather than watch. But it was still a fun day. We’ve been drilling grammar for the last few weeks, and the students appreciated a break from worksheets.


But of course, Halloween brought some mischief with it. It’s rainy season in Aceh and the torrential downpours have been relentless. Our beautiful garden quickly flooded and we had a new pond in the backyard. More distressing, however, the water levels rose into one of our classrooms and we spent the morning after Halloween scrambling to dry the center out. And of course, kids will be kids—when they see a body of water prime for splashing, they splash away. Keeping our students dry when there’s a pond calling to them is a difficult task! The greatest surprise came, however, when we were sitting by the garden/pond and saw two fish swimming through the submerged grass! We hope we can find them again and use it as an opportunity for SD 1 to practice saying ‘Fish!’



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