Reading Lessons in Jakarta

by Helene, Co-Director, IHF Jakarta
As you already know, our volunteers are essential to the functioning of our centers. So when we get the chance to have young volunteers wanting to involve themselves and create new projects with us, we always welcome them. Recently, Ayu and her uni friends decided to re-start our reading class for SD1 students and we are very happy to see that they are now all making big progress. Many SD1 students are behind at school for reading because they are expected to know how to read when entering school, after finishing kindergarden, but not all parents can send their children there. Many students double their first year as they cannot catch up with other students. We are grateful for their time spent on this difficult task.
 20141027_140726Additionally, they also started a project for our Aflatoun class – a leadership, social and entrepreneur class we conduct in partnership with another NGO – for SD5 students. It is really interesting to see them so passionate when teaching and we can see the students are having a great time!
Finally, last week, Naheed and her family left us to go to the Bali center. It was great having them around and we would like to thank them for their great help and wish them a wonderful time in our other center!

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