After the storm comes the calm!

by Emily, Co-Director, IHF Aceh

The floods have receded here at the IHF Center in Banda Aceh! Our fears that the water level in our garden/pond would rise into the house were fortunately unrealized (although one of our classroom’s took a rather large, wet beating). After a big center cleanup, we were ready for classes. At long last the sun was shining down on Banda Aceh. And it was very very very hot.

Aceh MR Nov 8 2Our new co-director, Dustin, is an ultimate frisbee player and brought frisbees for the center. The children were timid at first, but have come to love and look forward to before and after class frisbee time. On Saturday, the SD2 and SD3 children formed a circle in the garden and tossed among themselves.

We were so impressed with the way they shared the Aceh MR Nov 8 1new toy. Usually, only the boys play football before class, but frisbee is a physical activity both the boys and girls enjoy together. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and we found ourselves being pulled into the game. It was so much fun to laugh with the children and watch them steadily improve at catching and throwing.

Our SMA class is continuing great work with their creative English project. They’re imagining their own country called Glove. Every week, we discuss a new topic in Glove and post blog entries. The students love receiving comments and are encouraged when they get a lot of ‘views’. On Saturday, a comment prompted a wonderful discussion about education. They had previously decided that teachers should all be paid the same amount, but the commenter brought up a point about good and bad teachers. The students became adamant that good teachers should be paid more. But how do you evaluate teachers? After an hour-long discussion (using great English), they changed their entire system. You can see their conclusion at Aceh MR Nov 8 3


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