Happy Birthday Kak Arnau!

by Ade, Ayu, Arrnau and Rahma, IHF Jakarta

Happy Birthday, Kak Arnauuu!! 😀
Wish you all the best and many happy returns.

We call it in Indonesian language:

Arnau's Cake BirthdaySelamat Ulang Tahun, K Arnau!! Semoga panjang umur, sehat selalu, dimurahkan rezekinya, sukses buat semuanya yaa… 🙂

This week K Arnau, Rhama, Ade, and Ayu went to Tidung Island. It was such a nice place. We had a really good time there.We left on Saturday and came back on Sunday. It was the first time for Ade, Rahma and Ayu for boating and snorkeling.

It took about two hours and a half to get there. In the first day we went to the sea for snorkeling. It was a really fun experience. We saw a lot of fishes and corals under the sea. Then, we took a bath and we went to the beach to see the “Jembatan Cinta” which means “The Love Bridge”. It was such a beautiful beach with its lovely bridge.

There were a lot of people that went to see the beach as well because it had a IMG-20141111-WA0001beautiful view. Some people were having banana boats and doughnuts games. It was a little bit scary but at the end it was so exciting. More over, we took some photos together to remember the wonderful day. At 05.00 PM we went to buy some food for dinner. After that, we came back home to have dinner together and played UNO.

On Sunday morning Ade, Ayu and Rahma gave a surprise to K Arnau to celebrate his birthdayIMG-20141111-WA0009,we sang a happy birthday’s song for him and gave him a T-shirt as a present after Arnau’s birthday celebration we went to ‘The Love Bridge’ again by bicycle. In the bridge we took a walk to see another island close to the Tidung Island. There, we also took some photos because we love to take selfies.


After walking for a long time, we went home and had breakfast together.

Lastly, we prepared our stuff and went to the station to take a boat to get back to Muara Angke, Jakarta.

It was a great weekend, Thank you so much, K Arnau for inviting us to this beautiful island.

Once again, Happy Birthday to you!! : D



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