Glasses to see the world!

by Helene, Co-Director, IHF Jakarta

This week, our biggest news is that our “Glasses project” has finally become a reality! Since my arrival to IHF, I slowly started noticing that many of our students couldn’t see properly. Eyes blinked all the time, children moved closer and closer to the whiteboard throughout the class, words were misspelled repeatedly and while I know, my writing is not very pretty, it couldn’t be blamed only on this. In June, with the help of our volunteers, we conducted a vision check for the whole center and got an impressive list of 35 students unable to read the small letters on the vision test.

20141110_120335 20141110_12030120141110_120332

We were ready to start the project, but a few setbacks pushed the project further and further down on the “to do list” of IHF Jakarta. The summer passed and I was personally starting to think it wouldn’t happen. At IHF, we always have new ideas and we always want to do more, but with our daily activities, we often get so busy that it is hard to accomplish everything.
In October, I started reviving the project with Venny, one of local volunteers, but it wasn’t until one of our kind old volunteers, Anthonius showed up with an envelope full of money that I knew it was going to happen.
His mom made a donation for glasses to be bought and this was the push we needed, that simplified it all, as we knew we didn’t need to fundraise the money first anymore. With the help of Ayu, we visited some neighboring optic shops and today, our first four kids got the chance to get new glasses!
They look all extremely cute and we hope that this will be life changing for them, allowing them to focus on understanding the class, not on seeing the board anymore.

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