From the frantic Jakarta to chilling out in Bali

by Naheed, Voluntourists, IHF Bali

This week is our last full week in Bali. The last few weeks have flown by and my daughters and I will be sad to go. But our time here has been both worthwhile and relaxing. We came here from the IHF Jakarta centre which is a total contrast to Bali. Jakarta was20141105_102759 hectic whilst Bali is relaxed and laid back.The Balinese people are so welcoming and gracious, their easy going and happy outlook on life is what makes Bali a place many people visit and revisit.


Living at the centre has been great fun with our fellow volunteers who are an amazing group of people from all over the world, and within the local community people have been so friendly and charming. Teaching at IHF Bali has been challenging and rewarding as the children have a very carefree attitude to learning. I think one of the things I will take away with me from my time in Bali   will be how to chill out!



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