New activities coming with the sun at IHF Aceh

by Emily, Co-Director, IHF Aceh

Last week was filled with exciting changes at the IHF Center in Banda Aceh! MR Aceh Nov 3For the first time in a long time, it didn’t rain for a few days in a row—or at least, not heavily. With the sun came some new registrations, and we were happy to see the new students attending classes enthusiastically right away.

The children took full advantage of the good weather, initiating group frisbee games in the garden.

The boys in SD 5 and SD 4 MR Aceh Nov 5have invented a new game that’s a mashup of soccer and frisbee. A team of two stand arms length apart facing a solitary opponent. The opponent gets a few shots—the number seems to depend on how much the player protests when told his turn is over—to shoot the frisbee between the two boys opposite him. When it’s time for class, they are quite energized by the friendly competition.

This week, we were thrilled to begin our art/music classes. On Tuesday, an American completing a teaching fellowship with a local university has kindly offereMR Aceh Nov 4d to run our SMP and SMA class. This week, they folded a piece of paper into three parts. Swapping the paper around, they each competed a separate section of a person—the head, the body and the legs—without seeing what the others had drawn for the other sections. When unfolded, the creations were really cool.

MR Aceh Nov 6

On Wednesdays, we have our SD1-6 art class and it was so much fun! We had them draw and then cut up their drawings into puzzles. We quickly found that putting the puzzle back together is a lot tougher than expected, especially when the young ones insist on cutting their A4 sheet into tiny pieces. Everyone had a blast and left looking forward to music class next week.

MR Aceh Nov MR Aceh Nov 2


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