French gastronomy prepared by the children at the IHF Bali Center

by Helene, Work-Study, IHF Bali

This week we wanted to propose to our children something fun and instructive.IMG_0849 That is why we decided to do a cooking class with them. We wanted to prepare a simple recipe which could tickle children’s taste buds: FRENCH CREPES!

I do not miss French cuisine so much since I really like Indonesian recipes and flavors but I’m always in for a sweet treat, and the kids even more! We could also consider that as a cultural experiment for our stoma   IMG_0856 IMG_0884chs since we mixed both cultures by eating crepes with fresh bananas and coconut syrup.

It was interesting to see how the children were really focused on following the recipe by counting and cracking eggs, stirring the mixture… We also insisted on the importance of cleaning up after have cooked, but the first thing we all wanted to do was eating our crepes straight away. They looked (and taste) so delicious!       IMG_0875

It was also a good occasion to talk about food with the children: which kind of food they prefer eating, if they help their parents at home (and actually it was the first time cooking of most of them)…

Sharing food is always meaningful and we all spent a very nice Saturday morning together enjoying our crepes (which were not pancakes as we did not put any baking powder!). After filling up all the stomachs, the children left and smiles were on all faces.  IMG_0900


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