The story about Sharon and Kopus

by Ana Cecilia, Work-Study, IHF Kenya

It’s amazing how fast time goes by. This week has felt as one of the fastest ones since I have been living in the center. I must say that each day I like it more. I feel like my relationship with the kids has evolved to another level and they now come to me to tell me about how they are doing, their days, and their worries. It feels good to be a strong support system for them. This week I had the opportunity of getting closer to two of them: Sharon and Kopus,

Sharon is not usually around the center, she goes to boarding school because she got a scholarship for being very good at playing football. This means that when there are classes she is staying at school and sometimes she comes visit us on the weekends; but now that schools have closed and one month and a half of vacations have started she is back home and all the girls are very happy to have her around.

FullSizeRender (2)

As I have mentioned, she is a football player, and 3 weeks before coming back she hurt her ankle in a match, so she came back with a cast on her right foot. The time came for the removal and the cast and we went together to the General Hospital, we decided to go in the early morning hoping we would not find a lot of people and they wouldn’t make us wait a long time, and we guessed right. We got there, payed the fee for consultation and removal of the cast, and were called by a doctor, all of this happened in less than 1 hour! Record time for the General Hospital. I was very happy. 

The removal was also quite fast, although the Doctor kept on saying that it had not been applied correctly and she was joking telling us that she should charge us more for removing it because it was very hard. Sharon and I were laughing together. After she got it off, she felt very happy and relieved to be able to put her two sandals and walk normally. We decided to go eat some chips and a soda before heading back to the center.

We had a very nice talk about her life in Pokot, her best friends at the center, as well as her life at the boarding school. She shared with me very nice thoughts about how we need to be patient with everyone and how important it is to love and care for people, no matter who they are. I think she is a very mature and sensitive girl and I felt very happy of having the opportunity of getting to know her better.

Kopus, on the other hand is usually around. He is a very committed student and a hardworking man; he is the only boy from the center that has decided to look for a job to get some extra money, I think this is something worth of admiration. FullSizeRenderKopus is usually quiet when he is around many people, but today that we went to take some “fruit pudding” (The Kenyan way of saying fruit salad) and we went together to the optician, we had the chance to talk better and I really enjoyed it.

He is a very calm but intelligent young man. Even though he is 15 years old, he is about to start with his last year of primary school and he is eager to go to high school. We have this situation of older kids in primary school with many of our kids because when they came to live to IHF they were already 9 or 10 years old, and this is when they started primary school. But this doesn’t mean anything, age is not important when it comes to education.

I wish I still get the chance to get to know better other children at the center; it is starting to feel more like my family as days go by.


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