A shot of caffeine at the Coffee Festival!

by Timea, Co-Director, IHF Aceh

The Aceh province is world famous for coffee and last week a big and exciting event, the Banda Aceh Coffee Festival, took place in town. Emily, Dustin and I all got really excited about it and we decided that we definitely have to check it out -we wanted to learn and see as much as possible since we are huge fans. There were countless stands with different kinds of coffee, friendly and hospitable sellers, nice food and good atmosphere.

Emily and Timi (1)Dustin

A local friend of us had his own stand with acoffee in making very special coffee, called ’kopi khop’ or ‘kophi tubruk’. The point of this was that they put the coffee cup upside down in the saucer and thus served the coffee accompanied by a straw. There wkopi khopas just a little bit of coffee outside the cup in the saucer on which we had to blow to get more out of the cup. The coffee would then get bubbly and slowly leaked out from the cup into the saucer. We had a lot of fun drinking it and it was very delicious, too.

We also tried several other kinds of coffee; the famous Kopi Luwak, Sanger – a traditional Acehnese coffee, and even coffee made with fresh eggs. Dustin had been craving for crepes ever since he arrived. Here his dreams came true and he could finally have one with chocolate and peanuts 🙂 We had a wonderful time trying all these new things and I believe there is no need to say that we had a sleepless night afterwards!

coffee beans


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