A new arrival to the IHF Jakarta family!

by Jiayan, Voluntourist, IHF Jakarta

After asking many people for directions and 4 hours of traffic, I finally arrived to the IHF Jakarta center. It was late, but the staff of the center was still waiting for me at the door which made me feel so thankful.IMG_5805 IMG_5686

Everyone in the center is so kindness is like a family, and there are always a lot of lovely children playing around. Happiness in here becomes a very simple thing. I still remember the first day, when I told a little boy who had been looking and smiling at me for a long time: ‘Nama saya Jiayan.’ (My name is Jiayan), he started to jump and dance repeating my name ‘Jiayan Jiayan Jiayan…’  He was so happy, and that time I also laughed as a child. It is such a beautiful life here.

After the classes, children use the traditional Muslim way to hold your hand to their forehead to say thank you. And when you visit the homes of these lovely children and realize    that is so simple, you really want to do more for them.

There is a lot of darkness in the world and we cannot just close our eyes and pretend is not there. IHF is the light that bright their world.



2 thoughts on “A new arrival to the IHF Jakarta family!

  1. Hello!! Im a nurse/midwife and I will be moving to Jakarta in April 2015! I am really interested in helping you guys with my skills as a volunteer. Is it possible to get your contact and have a conversation ? Email / Skype? Can you contact me ? I would really appreciate to have contact with people that lives in Jakarta. Thank you!!

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