Happy Teachers Day!

by Lissa, Co-Director, IHF Medan

Last week was a Teacher’s Day Celebration. It’s one of National events in Indonesia that is commemorated every year by students in Indonesia. It’s the time when the students thank their teachers. ComIMG-20141127-03444monly the students give a flower or a gift to their teacher as an expression of their thankful expression although the teachers will never hope anything back except the progress of their students.

In IHF Medan, this moment was taken by the students to celebrate this Teacher’s Day. One of students named Eva gave a big cake to the teachers in IHF Medan Center. She told us the cake was made by her and her mother. It was really the sweetest moment for the teachers. We don’t have words to express how happy we are with the kids in IHF Medan Center as they feel so comfortable and have so much fun while studying with the teachers. It’s very important to feel closer to the kids. Happy Teacher’s Day!

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