Snowflakes in IHF Aceh after a wonderful break in Medan!

by Emily, Co-Director, IHF Aceh

Last week, Dustin and I travelled to Medan for our monthly 4-day weekend break. After a grueling 12 hour night bus, we arrived in a seemingly different country from Banda Aceh. Medan is a large, bustling city. Everyone had a place to get to as fast as possible, a huge contrast from the calm flow in Aceh. And the traffic was unbelievable. It seemed to take an hour to get everywhere, making us late for our meeting with Aditi and Lissa, the Medan co-directors. When we finally arrived, we were thrilled to put faces to names at long last. We work with Lissa and Aditi on a daily basis completing our online administrative tasks, but we had never actually met them. It was fascinating to swap stories about the differences between the Medan and Banda Aceh centers. For the rest of the weekend, Aditi and Lissa proved to be incredible hosts, taking time from their Sunday day off to show us around the city and ensure we were always well looked after. Their hospitality, kindness and fun spirits made the weekend positively fantastic! We can’t wait for them to visit Banda Aceh, both to return their hospitality and to see our new friends again.

Aceh Nov 23 3Aceh Nov 23 2

Back in Banda Aceh, classes went very well. The Wednesday SD art class has quickly become my favorite time of the week. Timi and I realized we were missing Aceh Nov 23 5snow terribly after I received news that my hometown had a giant snowstorm. To bring a little of winter to the children of Banda Aceh, we had them make snowflakes in art class. They were confused at first—they didn’t understand what we were making—but once they understood, we were happy to see them playing around with different cuts and folds. The boys especially had a blast with the assignment. It wasn’t your classic nor’easter, but the children created a winter wonderland I’ll never forget!

Aceh Nov 23 1


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