Be quiet please!

by Shylie, Work-Study, IHF Bali

Silence in a Bali SD6 class is like finding that lost needle in the haystack: extremely rare but when it does happen; the satisfaction you feelP1060136 cannot be beaten.

What this silence means today, is that I’ve have finally given them something interesting (or difficult) enough that it consumes their thoughts; so much so that there is no time for words. In this particular case, I’ve given them scramble sentences. The first team to unscramble the sentence correctly wins candy – simple! Now maybe it is the candy that is consuming their thoughts; but in my eyes, whatever gets them working hard and gives me even a few seconds of blissful silence in a class of 25 overly-enthusiastic children is a win-win. Wouldn’t you say?

In saying that, SD6 would have to be one of my favorite classes. Their eagerness to learn (or win candy in this case) exceeds every other class. It took a little getting used to at first: I didn’t know whether to “shoosh” them or kick them out of class when they would scream and yell. What I soon realized is that this is no ‘western’ classroom, this is the way these eager children learn. Their screams are less an act of rebellion and more a sign of interest and excitement to learn and to be involved. What else could a teacher ask for?

I will be leaving the Bali center next Friday and my last class with SD6 will be next Tuesday. I couldn’t have asked for a better class and I am pretty sure I won’t forget in my life!


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