A rewarding experience, never to miss

by Vijay, Work-Study, IHF Bali

This is my third week at the IHF Bali center and I could not ask for more. This has been one of my best satisfying moments in my life. The kids are always so eager DSC_0236-Resizedto learn and it’s obviously seen in the class. Either the young ones or the teenagers, both have the curiosity of learning new things and they are all very dedicated. The more the students are involved in the learning, the more they learn. What I have seen is that, they learn more if they are doing it on their own. All of them are very active and impatient kids and sometimes is hard to control them when they are very excited about learning.

Classes that I have taken are English and Computer. In every class, the kids are always excited to do and learn things. Most times, they don’t get to speak in English so when they are at IHF, they get to have a conversation in English with the volunteers. These kids are all from poor family and can’t afDSC_5002-Resizedford education in this rising economy. That is the reason why IHF provides free education to the children. IHF has more than 1000 students all over Indonesia. And it’s amazing sometimes to see them come up with very high level of English. The children can sometimes surprise you with their knowledge. Teaching at different levels to students who speak mostly Indonesian is very challenging and rewarding. I have learned so many things from them too as they learn from me.

The center always has new volunteers coming and leaving all the time and it’s wonderful to meet people from different parts of the world who come to given back something to the community or as in IHF’s slogan “Pass it on”. I would like to come back to IHF Bali again in 2015. It’s a wonderful experience being with the children and educating them.DSC_5008-Resized


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